Received NEDO Award for “U-START UP KANSAI Open Pitch”

 On Thursday, September 14, 2023, Patentix Corporation, founded by Professor Kentaro Kaneko of Ritsumeikan University’s Research Organization for Science and Technology, took the stage at the U-START UP KANSAI Open Pitch, a program to support university-launched startup business development, and received the NEDO Award.



This pitch event was organized by the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and the Kansai Innovation Initiative (KSII). The purpose of the event was to provide matching support to the startups who participated in the event as well as to the startups who entered the competition. At Xport (Kita-ku, Osaka City), the venue of the event, nine university-launched startups that had passed the selection process gave high-level pitches to a total of approximately 200 people, both in attendance and online.


Professor Kentaro KANEKO
 Prof. Kaneko is a RARA Fellow 外部ファイル who is responsible for core research at Ritsumeikan and founded Patentix Corporation in 2022, a new deep-tech venture focusing on the development of new semiconductor materials and intellectual property strategies Patentix Corporation was funded in June 2023 by RSIF (Ritsumeikan Ritsumeikan Social Impact Fund) 外部ファイル invested in the company in June 2023. With this award, Patentix Corporation will be able to receive preferential treatment from NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) in the start-up support program, which will further accelerate its business.